Massachusetts State Senator Anne M. Gobi
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My office is proud to support our local communities as they work to increase community and economic development, strategic planning, and emergency preparedness. Below you will find links to state grant programs intended to assist communities and organizations. 

Grant applicants are invited to contact my office. I will be glad to provide advocacy through letters of support. 

To request a letter of support, please fill out the form below. In the message section, please include a brief synopsis of your proposal/request. My office will be in touch for more information, as needed.

Financial Assistance for Residents- please note my office cannot provide letters of assistance for individuals. However, if you are having difficulty with a program, my office can provide assistance contacting the appropriate agency.

Crumbling Concrete Testing Reimbursement Application
Citation Requests- I am glad to offer citations in recognition of business openings, retirements, community service, 90th and 100th birthdays, and some other occasions.  Please submit your name and contact information below. In the message box, please enter the name of the recipient, and the occasion being recognized.