Massachusetts State Senator Anne M. Gobi
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To stay up on all the latest events and work in the legislature 

State House  Room 513  Boston, MA   02133  617-722-1540
Welcome to the Office of State Senator Anne M. Gobi

​The Crumbling Foundations Survey can be found here

A hard copy of the survey may also be printed and mailed to my office (24 Beacon St. State House Room 513, Boston, MA 02133) by clicking here

If you are unable to access either the online form or printable version please call my office at (617) 722-1540. 

Office of Senator Anne Gobi May Office Hours

Lucas McDiarmid, aide to Senator Anne Gobi (D-Spencer), will be holding office hours throughout the district during the month of May. Constituents and town officials are invited to meet to express any concerns, ideas and issues they have. Attendants should RSVP to Lucas at Town attendance is not restricted to residents of those towns.

​​Wednesday, May 1st

West Brookfield Senior Center, 11:00 A.M- 12:00 P.M
New Braintree Town Hall, 12:30 P.M-1:30 P.M
Brookfield Town Hall, 2:00 P.M- 3:00 P.M
Ashby Town Hall, 6:00 P.M-7:00 P.M

Monday, May 6th
Barre Town Offices, 12:30 P.M- 1:00 P.M
Hubbardston Town Offices, 2:00 P.M- 3:00 P.M
Ashburnham Town Hall, 3:30 P.M – 4:30 P.M

Tuesday, May 7th
Warren Municipal Offices, 10:00 A.M- 11:00 A.M
Brimfield Senior Center, 11:30 A.M-12:30 P.M
Wales Senior Center, 1:00 P.M-2:00 P.M

Wednesday, May 8th
Oakham Senior Center, 9:30 A.M- 10:30 A.M
North Brookfield Senior Center, 11:00 A.M- 12:00 P.M
Holland Town Hall, 12:30 P.M- 1:30 P.M

Monday, May 13th
Paxton Senior Center, 10:30 A.M-11:30 A.M
Spencer Howe Village, 12:00 P.M-1:00 P.M
East Brookfield Municipal Building, 1:30 P.M-2:30 P.M

Tuesday, May 14th
Sturbridge Senior Center, 10:30 A.M-11:30 A.M
Rutland Senior Center, 12:00 P.M-1:00 P.M

Wednesday, May 15th
Palmer Senior Center, 12:00 P.M- 1:00 P.M

Monday, May 20th
Ware Senior Center, 10:00 A.M – 11:00 A.M
Winchendon Town Hall, 4:00 P.M – 5:00 P.M

Tuesday, May 21st
Hardwick Town Hall, 11:30 A.M – 12:30 P.M
Athol Senior Center, 1:15 P.M- 2:15 P.M

Wednesday, May 22nd
Templeton Town Hall, 11:00 A.M-12:00 P.M
Petersham Town Offices, 1:30 P.M-2:30 P.M
Phillipston Town Hall, 3:00 P.M-4:00 P.M

Tuesday, May 28th
Charlton Senior Center, 11:30 A.M- 12:30 P.M

Wednesday, May 29th
Monson Town Hall, 2:00 P.M- 3:00 P.M


Serving... Ashburnham, Ashby, Athol, Barre, Brimfield, Brookfield, Charlton, East Brookfield, Hardwick, Holland, Hubbardston, Monson, New Braintree
North Brookfield, Oakham, Palmer, Paxton, Petersham, Phillipston, Rutland, Spencer, Sturbridge, Templeton, Wales, Ware, Warren, West Brookfield  and Winchendon
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